A Word From Our Dietitian


Meals on Wheels and Nutrition

Ally F. GottfriedStaying healthy, living at home and maintaining an independent lifestyle is the goal for many people. Did you know that more than 40 nutrients are needed to stay healthy? and that as we age good nutrition is the key to keeping our bodies strong, preventing and recovering from illness, and slowing the progression of disease.

Meals on Wheels (the Friendly Kitchen) is dedicated to providing a variety of healthful foods to those in need in our community. Meals are thoughtfully planned and prepared using fresh local produce and carefully follow the USDA's dietary guidelines to provide at least one third of the daily recommended allowance of important nutrients.

Meals provide a good source of protein, calcium, vitamins A and C and fiber and are low in sodium, sugar and unhealthy fats. Menus are analyzed routinely by a Registered Dietitian to ensure the quality of nutrition content that is so important to our participants.

Enjoy your meals and nourish your body through good nutrition.

Ally F. Gottfried
Registered Dietitian

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The Friendly Kitchen is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

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